Bridal & Party Makeup

1. Will ' Chandni Singh ' do my make up?
  • If you have booked Chandni, she will do your make up. When you are about to leave & require any touch ups , a senior/junior artist will do the required, like powder your face, apply a makeup fixer, perhaps touch up your lipstick, if need be.
  • Hair is done with the hair stylist ,nails will be painted by the manicurist & the draping will be taken care by the draping ladies at the salon.
2. If your booking is with a junior/ senior or senior most artist the same artist will do your make up.
  • Hair is done with the hair stylist , nails will be painted by the manicurist & the draping will be taken care by the draping ladies at the salon.
3. What products does Chandni use?
  • Foundations used are Make up forever hd , Lancome , Chanel, Kat Von D.
  • Eye shadows are a mix of MAC, Inglot, TooFaced, Make Up Forever, NYX & Color pop, Huda , Urban Decay, Too Faced, Violet voss, Juvias place .
  • Glitters used are Violet voss, Lit Cosmetics, Urban Decay.
  • Mascara is Lancome, Deborah, Maybelline colossal.
  • Blush is MAC.
  • Lipsticks are MAC.
  • Powder is Chanel, Make up forever.
  • Lipstick pencils are a mix of Colorbar, Deborah, Chambor, Bourjois.
  • Makeup fixers are NYX, Make up forever, Urban Decay.
4. What products are used by the junior, senior & senior most artist?
  • Foundations used are MAC or LA Girl.
  • Eye shadows are a mix of MAC, Violet Voss, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Juvias Place, Glitter by Violet Voss, Lit Cosmetics, Urban Decay & La Splash.
  • Mascara is Maybelline Colossal.
  • Blush is MAC , NYX & Faces.
  • Lipsticks are NYX.
  • Powder is Kryolan.
  • Lipstick pencils are a mix of Colorbar, Chambor, Bourjois.
  • Makeup fixer is NYXs.
5. Will Chandni be there if you have an appointment with a junior,senior or senior most artist?
  • May be. Depends if she has an appointment at salon.
6. What is the difference between a junior, senior & senior most artist? & how should I decide on one?
  • The artist have been given their designations according to their expertise & experience.
  • However every artist at Chandni Singh Salon & academy has undergone extensive training with Chandni to understand each face type, skin type, skin color , eyes & how to deal with problems keeping the clients taste in make up. The services are extremely personalized & we do make up according to the brief given to us by each client. If you want it simple & natural, we keep it so & in case you like brighter make up with strong colors, the artist shall do so.
  • If you have a small function you can easily book a junior artist. However if you have a larger function with a huge gathering & if you are extremely picky about your make up style you should book the senior or senior most artist.
7. What hair style will the hair stylist do?
  • We usually ask our client to tell us her preferences like if she prefers open hair or tied hair styles. If you have a photo reference on our phone, it makes it even easier for us to understand your taste. If that certain hair style is not possible for you or will not work for your hair length or your cut or your face, the hair stylist will tell you the same. He will be happy to suggest alternate styles in that case.
8. Do you provide hair accessories?
  • Yes we do have them and we charge you anything between Rs 200 to Rs 1000,depending on what you choose.
9. Do you provide fresh flowers for hair accessories?

In case you want fresh flowers we usually get them from a florist who is right across the salon. But sometimes he does not have certain specific colors. Please feel free to carry flowers to match your outfit. We do not have gajra available in our area. If you wish to wear the same,please carry it with you. Quantity required :

  • 3 to 4 stems if you want them on one side of your hair.
  • 10 to 12 stems if you want them all around your BUN
  • 1 meter of gajra if you want it all around your BUN
  • 4 meters in case you want it all around your plait
10. Will the make be long lasting & water proof ?
  • Yes our make up will be long lasting and water proof. It wont budge as we use a primer and make up fixer to fix it in place. Regular make up lasts about 10 to 12 hours.Air brush make up lasts 15 to 18 hours . Your kohl, mascara, eye liner wont come off even if you cry.
11. Should I opt for Air brush or regular Make up & what is the difference between them?
  • Air brush makeup is HIGH DEFINITION make up & the foundation is infused with silicon & minerals resulting in a beautiful radiance on ones skin. In the regular foundation we create the same radiance with products .
  • I recommend air brush specifically to women getting married in peak summer & humid conditions as it is extremely long lasting.
  • I also recommend it to women who have extremely oily skin ( complete oily face ) as oily skin tends to eat away lot of make up.
  • It also works well with women who have dry/lifeless skin as the high definition foundation infuses life into the skin and gives it great radiance.
12. What brand of Air brush Make up do we use?
13. Does Chandni Singh travel to the venue?
  • Yes her services are available at the salon and at the venue.
14. How long does it take for you to be dressed?
  • We ideally want our brides /party make up clients at salon for 3 hours . If it is a morning function 2.5 hours are sufficient.
15. Express make up duration? ( Basic make up plus straight blow dry )
  • We need you at salon for 1.5 hours.
16. Do you send your senior artist to a venue?
  • We do not send any artists to the venue between October to Mid March as it is peak season time and we are extremely busy. However during non peak season time ( mid march to September) we may make an exception, please check with the salon for further assistance.
17. Do we provide Bindi to brides?
  • Yes we keep sufficient stock of Bindis at the salon. However if you are very specific about the color/size of the same, request you to carry your own options.
18. Do we allow photographers?
  • Yes we allow photographers with a maximum of one assistant. Also request them to carry smaller light equipment. Our studio is extremely well lit.
19. How safe is your jewelry at the salon?
  • We give every client a drawer to keep her belongings safe. Ever bride can bring with a maximum of one person with them to take careof their personal belongings. There can be more people accompanying the bride as well,as long as they are availing hair , make up or draping services.
20. Do we apply fake lashes?
  • Yes we do apply fake lashes & We charge extra for lashes. We have them priced at Rs175 to Rs 750. Feel free to carry your own lashes.
21. What brands of nail polish are used?
  • We use a mix of Sally Hansen, Lyn,Juice & Maybelline nail enamels depending on what is available in the market.
22. Do we have Mehendi application services?
  • No
23. Check List for a Bride
  • Outfit
  • Jewelry
  • Lingerie
  • Footwear
  • Perfume
  • Bindi
  • Flowers
  • Hair accessories