Basic & Professional Makeup Course

1. Does Chandni Singh take all classes?
  • Yes all demo classes are taken by Chandni Singh herself. She is there on most practice sessions as well, though some sessions will be taken care by an experienced team of senior makeup artists alone.
2. How do the makeup classes work?

Every demo class is followed by a practice session the next day.

  • Every demo class Chandni picks up a different face so that we cover all kinds of faces, complexions , skin issues , eyes & lips . Colour correction , highlight , contour for that certain face shape is discussed in every class.
  • The students practice on each other . We request students to pick up a different face on each practice day.
3. What products do students practice on? What brushes do they use?
  • Students who enroll for the 18 days professional makeup course get products worth Rs 8500 which includes a 15 piece makeup brush set, a 12 shade derma palette from Kryolan( All shades hand picked by Chandni Singh), 2 shades of loose powder from kryolan, a Maybelline eyeliner, a makeup remover & makeup sponges which you will use during the course.
  • Other products like Mac concealers, Mac foundations, eye shadows, lipstick, highlighter, contour & blush from brands like NYx, Sephora, Mac, Bh cosmetics, Faces, Colorbar are provided by us. only for practice but remain the property of the academy.
  • Students who enroll for the 8 days course get all cosmetics & brushes from us during practice sessions but remain the property of the academy.
  • Students who enroll for the 8 days course get all cosmetics & brushes from us during practice sessions. Other products like Mac concealers, Mac foundations, Kryolan foundations, eye shadows, lipstick, highlighter, contour & blush from brands like NYx, Sephora, Mac, Bh cosmetics, Faces, Colorbar are provided by us. Brushes are a mix of brands like Mac, Nyx, Kryolan, Bh cosmetics, Faces & Colorbar.
4. How does one decide what course they should option for?
  • The 8 days course works very well for women who want to have in depth knowledge about makeup for self application. If you learning this for yourself on practice days you practice it on your own face.
  • Also if you are someone who is interested in the art of makeup yet you are not sure if you want to make this your career, this short term course can give you a feel of whether you want to make this your career or not.
  • If you are a working woman and you are looking to change your career but you won't get 2 months off from work? You can do our course in parts. Also works for young mothers who cannot be away from their kids for too long a duration.
  • Also if you have been a makeup artist already but you did your course years ago? The basic 8 days course will give you a good insight into new age techniques or “How to do it the Chandni Singh way”!
  • The 8 days course also works for salon owners who want to have basic knowledge of makeup application.
  • The 18 days professional makeup course is just perfect for anyone who wants in depth knowledge of the art & aspires to be a Makeup artists.
  • Air brush Makeup Course is the new age makeup & a must do for anyone aspiring to be an all rounder. The demand for "Bridal airbrush makeup” has gone up drastically in the last year.
5. Are 18 days / 22 days enough to learn the art of make up?
  • This course gets all your fundamentals clear on the application of makeup; you understand how to work on different faces & skin types. What staple products you need to own & how to make them work. Most of my students have shown me phenomenal skills by the 10th day of the class. My personal makeup kit is there at the studio for students to see. It's not that I use different stuff & teach using different products. I answer every question asked by every student.
6. Do you give placements opportunities?
  • I do have a tie up with a placement agency that does placements for brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC, Sephora, Estee Lauder etc. Once you are through with the course I share your contact details with them. Whenever there is a vacancy they will call you for the needful. It is up to the student if they want to go for the interview or not.
7. Do students get a placement within my studio & academy?
  • 2 best students of the Professional makeup course get to intern for a period of 10 days with Chandni Singh at the studio when we have bridal appointments. They might also get a chance to do a “junior artist Makeup" if the need arises. Also we are always recommending our students to brides to be who are looking for makeup services at their doorstep for their smaller functions or for their family.
8. Does Chandni Singh recommend products for the student’s kit?
  • Absolutely yes. Products are very important to makeup application & there will be a list of Chandni's favorite products & brushes that will be given to all students irrespective of what makeup course they choose. Also as mentioned above Chandni Singh's makeup kit is always there at the studio & each student has access to it.
9. Does Chandni Singh give career guidance?
  • Yes. I tell my students how to go about their careers & how to price their services once they start freelancing. Every little detail about how to handle a client & if she is not happy what few changes to make to her makeup work. We also share tips on how to click good images from your phone/ camera.
10. Can one bring their own makeup & brushes?

Absolutely yes. I do recommend students practicing their skills with their own brushes & sponges because they get used to them with each passing day. If you are someone who wishes to buy their own brushes before the course I do recommend the following:

  • Real Techniques core set for the face.
  • Real Techniques core set for the eyes.
  • Mac 210 eyeliner brush.
  • Mac small angular brush 266 or you can buy the Colorbar angular brush.
  • Mac Pencil brush 219 or the Colorbar smudger brush.
  • Real Techniques sponge or the Mac wedges.
  • Any lipstick brush from any brand that works for you.
  • 11. We request all students to have a diary & pen with them to make notes.

  • 12. If you are a male & want to be a part of the classes you will have to get a female model to practice on.

  • 13. The 18 days professional makeup students will also get to witness an air brush demo class if they want to get a feel of how it works, in case they wish to enroll for the same after the course is over. The airbrush course starts immediately once the 18 days are over. The demo class will happen on the 9th or 10th day of the course as we need to place an order for the air brush machines for students who wish to enroll for the same.

  • 14. Each student will get a certificate.