Course Fee : Rs. 40000.00/-
Booking Amount : Rs. 20000.00/-

Course Duration : 6 days

Learn the art of AIRBRUSH makeup! Airbrush Makeup is the new age makeup & if you are not trained for the same you are losing on a lot of work.

Advantages of Airbrush Makeup  Long-lasting up to 15 hours Foundation feels like 2nd skin

  • Skin looks lifted & radiant
  •  Works better for women who have acne clusters/ pits & marks on the cheek area
  •  Perfect for summer weddings as it lasts longer
  •  Great for women who sweat extensively

▶Dates - 27/8/2019 -2/9/2019

Day 1⃣   Bridal Makeup demo with Chandni Singh 

Day 2⃣- Practice skin only (on each other) with Chandni Singh 

Day 3⃣- Practice skin only (on each other )with Senior educator 

Day 4⃣- full face Practice on your own model with Chandni Singh + Portfolio 

Day 5⃣- full face Airbrush makeup practice on your own model 

Day 6⃣- Test ( Airbrush makeup ) on your model + portfolio 

▶Its mandatory for  students  to get their own models for practice days

▶ for practice days students are supposed to get their own makeup kits 

↔Course Fees - Rs 40,000 +machine as per your demand + foundation pack

Variants of Temptu and Iwata are available for sale with us:

✔1. Temptu signature machine with wire:  Rs 21950

✔2. Temptu Air Wireless black machine:  Rs 24000

✔3. New Temptu machine: Rs 17175. +Temptu 11 Custom color pack : Rs 8800. This contains 7 foundations + 2 blush +2highlighter

✔4. Or Iwata Neo air freelance machine : Rs 22,800

✔5. Or Iwata NinjaJet studio machine : Rs 26,800 ✔6. Or Iwata SilverJet machine : Rs 28,500

✔7. Or Iwata Neo 3.0 go wireless machine : Rs 24,999 

If you already own the machine & foundations  you just pay the course fee. --------------------------------------------------------------------

Classes will be held at our studio in Oyo Town house 015 , Lajpat nagar, New Delhi.

↔ You get International Certification from Temptu or Iwata - depending on what machine you choose. If you do not buy a machine we will give you our personal certification